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Steph's Personal Training Style:

  • Individualized

  • Balanced

  • Weight Neutral

As a weight-neutral coach, Steph does not coach intentional weight loss. They work with people who are not interested in pursuing aesthetic based goals and are looking for a different approach. This may mean focusing instead on performance based goals like increasing strength, endurance, or mobility, or maybe getting that first pull up or push up.

My training style is Supportive, enthusiastic, collaborative.

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Steph loves to help people get stronger and find balance by building a healthy and sustainable relationship with exercise. They know first hand how hard it can be to navigate through all the information (and misinformation) in the world of fitness and diet culture. Steph helps people maneuver through all of this so they can focus on what’s important: building strength and confidence and learning to listen to and trust their bodies. Steph lives for the moments when people realize they are so much stronger and more capable than they thought!

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