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Adrian Bivens

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David Vernon

Adrien Bivens

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Adrian Bivens is a NASM CPT certified dedicated to unlocking your body's potential through functional fitness. With a passion for holistic wellness and functional training, Adrian is dedicated to helping individuals of all fitness levels reach their goals. Although just getting started in the personal training space, Adrian comes with 20+ years of training in both a sports and personal setting.


Adrian believes in a balanced approach that integrates strength, mobility, and endurance to improve performance in everyday activities. From the weekend warrior to the budding athlete, Adrian will tailor a program specifically designed to meet your needs and aspirations. Driven by a desire to see their clients succeed, Adrian dedicates the time to empathize and foster a supporting and motivating environment that empowers the client reach for more. Through education, encouragement, and support, Adrian is there to guide you through this fitness journey.

Starting young, Adrian's dad instilled the importance of functional training to be the best athlete that he could be. Fast forward, although a life in professional sports was not Adrian's path, he maintained the discipline and work ethic to be the healthiest version of himself. This is what he offers to his clients. Starting from the ground up. By emphasizing functional movements tailored to real-life activities, Adrian aims to enhance overall wellness, prevent injury, and foster a sustainable, active lifestyle. He strives to help achieve functional fitness that transcends the gym, improving every aspect of daily life.

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