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$30 for a 30 Minute Session.

Unlock Your Motivation, Unlock Results

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Your Lifestyle Transformation

Your first 30-minute session is just a taste of the transformation to come. Your passionate trainer will impart foundational changes not only to transform your body, but also your lifestyle into one that supports lasting wellness. Connect with our personal trainers in Atlanta to start your journey.

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For Results You Want, Train Your Way

Get the most out of your workout with personal guidance through functional exercise techniques designed to optimize your training progress. With the help of an expert fitness trainer in Atlanta, you’ll have encouragement and accountability as well as the assurance that you’re training with proper form and the right exercises to reach your goals.

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Functional Training Equipment

We offer the latest, state-of-the-art equipment in a positive, clean environment coupled with access to personalized attention from a trainer. Our equipment is all geared toward functional training with a focus on coordination, balance, and body awareness, helping your body work more efficiently. 



Laura Blackman

Training Collective is next level when it comes to personal training. Your experience is completely personalized, and you are paired with a trainer who best matches your needs and goals. The facility is gorgeous! Next level equipment and impressively clean. Not to mention the staff and trainers are incredibly kind, personable, and knowledgeable in their craft. I highly recommend this space to anyone looking for a personal trainer in the Atlanta area, or a boutique gym to train on your own.


Margaret Blanton

Great! I have been going there for about 6 months. My trainer, David, has been fantastic. I was trying to work out on my own and I kept hurting myself. I have not hurt myself since I started working out there. I have gotten stronger and he has improved my form tremendously. David is knowledgeable and seems to love what he does. Highly recommend.

Light and Shadow

Natalie Raulin

Beautiful private gym with incredible personal trainers. You log on to their website and fill out a questionnaire that pairs you with the best suited trainer. Love this concept and can’t wait to see how they evolve!


Elevate Your Gains With Personalized Training

Get started on your new, healthy lifestyle with help from our professionals. Book your 30 minute personal training session for $30.

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