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Steven Ridges

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David Vernon

Steven Ridges

Steven's Personal Training Style:

  • Encouraging​

  • Powerful

  • Restorative

Coach Steven is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for transforming lives. Specializing in strength training, he guides beginners, powerlifters, and those seeking a full body transformation with personalized programs tailored to their unique goals. With a coaching style marked by energy, encouragement, and education, Coach Steven has successfully worked with over 100 clients across diverse fitness levels.

As a seasoned competitor, he boasts titles such as USAPL GA State Champion in 2019 and 2021, Southeast Regional Champion in 2019, and participant in the Arnold Battle of the Regions in 2020. Continuously pushing personal records, Coach Steven is committed to adding 100lbs to your total, addressing mobility concerns, and reshaping your body effectively.

Beyond his impressive athletic achievements, Coach Steven holds certifications including NASM Master Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Pain-Free Performance Specialist, Certified Functional Strength Coach, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Renowned for his meticulous planning and competitive prowess, he stands as a reliable coach for those aiming to make a positive change.

Whether you're seeking in-person or online training, Coach Steven welcomes individuals ready to embark on a fitness journey. For inquiries about his services, feel free to send him a message or email. Let the transformation begin!

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