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Alexandra Donahue

Alexandra Donahue

Alexandra's Personal Training Style:

  • Functional

  • Athletic

  • Progressive

Alexandra has been active from a very young age. Throughout her teen years, she practiced martial arts, acquiring her black belt in Shotokan style. She has always had a slight obsession with fitness and a desire to be athletic. Discovering weight lifting was the best thing that could have happened to Alexandra. It built the confidence she always admired and the relationship with food she deserved.


Alexandra is well-versed in movements that build strength and endurance. She has overcome scoliosis through movement and self-care is deeply knowledgeable about the body and maintaining pain-free movements in day to day life.


Alexandra has coached several types of group fitness with a special love of kickboxing and rowing. She is always looking to grow her knowledge and experiences and looks forward to bringing confidence to all in the weight room.


Since beginning my sessions with Alex a year ago, I’ve noticed a substantial improvement in my fitness, which has positively impacted my daily life. Alex’s approach is patient and personalized, emphasizing steady progress and resilience. This journey with her hasn’t just been about getting stronger; it’s been about maintaining my health for my family’s needs, especially given the additional support my special needs child requires. Alex’s professionalism and genuine commitment to her clients’ well-being have made our sessions both rewarding and enjoyable. I recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their physical health in a meaningful way.

- Tim C.

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