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Erin McDevitt

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David Vernon

Erin McDevitt

Erin's Personal Training Style:

  • Athletic

  • Functional

  • Creative

Erin uses a blend of body weight mobility movements, kettlebells and barbells to achieve an optimal workout hitting all the essential points: activation and mobility, strength training, conditioning and plyometrics. Erin’s training style is influenced by athletes and motivated by durability. She combines concepts from her diverse training background to provide a fun, fulfilling and sweaty workout. This constantly gives you a new challenge, training to look forward to, progress to monitor and above all else: a body that thanks you for moving, grows free of pain, gains muscle mass and feels good to move. 


Erin is well-versed in injury rehab and helping clients to train with their unique anatomy. She places a great importance on tweaking lifts to your body structure so that they feel right for you. Exercise is not always “one size fits all” in the way that; what feels good to others or gives them results, won’t always have the same effect for you. Erin works with you to figure out how to best serve your body, your energy and your goals. With a focus on science and fact-based evidence to support training; I aim to eliminate all the guesses surrounding health and fitness so my clients can be the most boundless and vigorous version of themselves.


I can’t say enough good things about Erin and the progress I’ve made working with her. She is methodical and thoughtful with every workout plan. She listens to any concerns I have, makes adjustments when necessary and pushes me in a way that leaves me proud and satisfied of what my body can do! 💪

- Alli B.

I've loved seeing Erin for personal training! She is incredibly knowledgeable and does a great job tailoring workouts to each client's particular needs. The workouts are fun and change each session which keeps things interesting. She pushes me past what I think is possible and I leave every session on a high note. Can't recommend highly enough!

- Erin S.

I highly recommend Erin as a trainer: she is knowledgeable, flexible, patient, and a good listener- all qualities that have combined for a great experience for me in reaching my goals of the post- PT phase of my recovery journey following surgery. I needed an expert in fitness to provide structure and encouragement, as well as someone to paint the path from where I was to where I wanted to be (both approaching individual exercises when I lacked confidence in my body and overall with my training). Erin did that and did it with humor, humanity and generosity. I am stronger and more confident that my body can do things it couldn't do for a long time. Thanks Erin!

- Daina P.

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