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Mike Collins

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David Vernon

Mike Collins

Mike's Personal Training Style:

  • Focused

  • Intense

  • Structured

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Mike grew up in a household focused on fitness. Raised by a single mother who was a full time fitness instructor and personal trainer, he spent most of his childhood in the gym eating boiled chicken and broccoli (just kidding - sort of). His upbringing led him to develop a passion for fitness and nutrition and he used that passion to become a personal trainer. Mike is a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer and nutrition coach.


Mike graduated from the University of Florida and received his masters at the University Of Miami (FL). He also holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Mike's focus is helping his clients change their lives through structured training sessions focused on building muscle and changing body composition. He is super (sometimes annoyingly) passionate about nutrition and loves teaching his clients how important diet is when it comes to overall fitness.

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