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Ashley Reese

Ashley Reece

Ashley's Personal Training Style:​

  • Personalized

  • Powerful

  • Functional

Ashley will serve as your guide along your health and wellness journey. Her ultimate goal is to find a fitness and nutrition regimen that can fit seamlessly into your existing lifestyle. She will find a routine you can stay consistent with, teach you how to navigate the holidays and vacations, and help you develop healthy habits that guaranteed lifelong results.


Ashley focuses on using strength training and macro coaching to get you your desired results. She will give you that extra push when needed and show you just how powerful you truly are!


I've been working with Ashley for a month and from the moment I met her, I felt confident that she would have the compassion and expertise needed to help me reach my wellness goals. As a person with cerebral palsy, I have unique challenges in comparison to others and Ashley meets me where I am so she can help me get to where I want to go. She's super organized and an effective communicator which is key for me!​

- Mark T.

Ashley has been absolutely amazing to work with! I recently got into strength training and did this following my recovery from surgery and Ashley has been great at making sure I'm challenged, yet comfortable. She is super knowledgeable and takes the time to explain why she is suggesting tweaks to my form or modifications. She is a joy to be around and does a great job motivating me. I'm excited about continuing to progress with her support!

- Jillian G

Ashley is absolutely incredible and the ultimate person to train with. Her extensive knowledge and expertise guarantee remarkable results. I've been training with Ashley for nearly a year and I will definitely continue my fitness journey with Reese Fitness.

- Taylor B

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