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Mary Amato

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David Vernon

Mary Amato

Mary's Personal Training Style:

  • Enthusiastic

  • Dynamic

  • Tangible

Mary has always loved to move — whether it’s tap dance, soccer, snowboarding, hiking or paddle boarding! Since 2016 she’s found her niche in Muay Thai/ Kickboxing, strength training and pilates-style exercises. With a handful of years working in different industries such as food-service, childcare, and more she comes to the table with a hefty tool-belt, knowing how a body can feel at the end of a long day.


Wellness has been her focus for many years, and seeking further growth, she completed her Personal Training Certification and a certification in Sport's Nutrition with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Community been a primary focus in her education, but also a total game changer in how she views health and exercise. Mary believes that with a strong community of equally enthusiastic people workouts become less of an item on our checklist, and more of something we look forward to doing!


Mary shows up 100% to every session. It's nice for someone to see me, and work with me through all the struggles. And I never ever feel or felt judged. The fact that she always knew I could and now I can! Makes me happy. Before training with Mary I was in a lot of pain from previous injuries. In my hip and my knee. It made me feel like I couldn't work out at all. When I first started, I was taking anti-inflammatorys twice a day and muscle relaxers at night. Mary was aware of the pain points and worked with me to make sure I was always okay and never hurting. After a few months the pain started subsiding, just from WORKING OUT WITH MARY. Now, I am in little to no pain and do not take any drugs. Just from working out! With Mary! We originally hired Mary so we could feel fit for our wedding. And now I can't imagine life without training, it improves my mood and makes me less stressed out and provides me with more energy. ALSO. When I first started working with Mary, I could not even HINGE OVER. I could barley lift any weights correctly. Mary worked with me one on one to go over hinging and all the other simple things. Now I'm super strong and can hinge and lift all the weights!! And I can do anything!

- Cat B.

She is approachable and enthusiastic. She is an excellent communicator and wants you to succeed. I actually enjoy working out after learning from
Mary instead of feeling dread. The attention to detail and personality is unmatched. It is worth the time and money if you are ready to commit! Mary is really wonderful and the best trainer around!

- Lauren H.

Mary has pushed me to become a stronger individual. My workouts and stamina have improved greatly and I’m genuinely excited to workout again. Mary always makes me feel comfortable and supported in my fitness goals. She wants to see me succeed and that makes working out an amazing experience. If you have ever been apprehensive about using a trainer or going to the gym Mary will change all that. While she will push you to get through those tough exercises, she makes it fun and enjoyable. Mary is by far the most personable trainer I’ve worked with and will cheer you on throughout your entire fitness journey. With Mary you not only get a trainer, but an incredible friend.

- Savannah B.

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