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Kate Witten

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David Vernon

Kate Witten

Kate's Personal Training Style:

  • Function

  • Alignment

  • Balance

Kate is a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and yoga teacher with over 15 years experience working with clients at the Druid Hills Golf Club, Pace23 Spin and TRX Studio, and most recently over Zoom.


She has certifications from the CHEK Institute as well as two 200 hour yoga teacher programs.

Kate takes a "smarter not harder" approach to exercise, helping people achieve their goals *without* getting injured. Kate especially loves working with clients who need helping getting back into a movement program after an injury, surgery, or time off, as well as people who think they don't belong in a gym. Kate hopes to meet people where they are and help them realize that the gym is for everyone, not the already "fit."


I started training with Kate when I was 2 months postpartum with diastases recti, plantar fasciitis and many other issues. She worked with me to solve diastases recti and build up my strength. In the process, my back pain is less, my plantar fasciitis is gone and I’m losing weight in a healthy way! She is extremely responsive to your needs and highly knowledgeable about movement that is best to reach your goals. I’ve worked out with several trainers and never one who has done such an excellent job at personalizing the workout to my needs. She’s also very enjoyable to be around and has kept me coming back for a year and a half! Cannot recommend her enough. Great communication, flexibility and understanding. 10/10!!!

- Catherine G.

Kate was exactly what I had been looking for in a trainer. She guided me through appropriately challenging workouts on a consistent basis, resulting in better long term results than I had seen anywhere else. She was great at adapting to injuries or varying energy levels to make sure that I got the most out of every session without ever getting burnt out. Thanks Kate!

- David V.

Kate is a great trainer!  She has worked with me for a few years and kept it fun, flexible, and never boring.  She’s adapted our workouts through a surgery recovery and various issues.  She doesn’t expect my body to react like a twenty-something yet  I’ve made great progress in strength and fitness level.  Most importantly, I look forward to our workouts so I actually go.    Thanks, Kate!

- Cathleen Q.

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